Optimistic Approach of Anita Desai’s Sita towards Life: In the Novel Where Shall We Go This Summer?


  • Dr. Aneeta Srivastava Assistant Professor (English), Falahe Ummat Girl’s P.G. College Bhadohi (UP)


Keywords: Identity, feminism, mythology, female psyche


Anita Desai’s Where Shall We Go This Summer? Distinctive Sahitya Academy Award winner novel vignettes the female’s psyche of Indian middle-class women. Desai is a note-worthy writer of novels of Indo-Anglian era once again examined analyzed and appraised the female character Sita. Indian mythological related name Sita has its own worth and maintains an ideal physique with few characteristics. But Desai’s Sita is a modern middle-class figure with her own sensibility and aspiration. This particular novel during 70’s brought a new wave of intelligence and enlightened the society about female’s inner world of frustration and state of mind. As they look calm and tranquil but a bustling or swarming of emotion talk place in the inner heart. Those inner pages are well devoured by Anita Desai and tried her best to paint with different shades of colors in such a way that it looks vivid and realistic. She propitiously accomplished it. Her fictional technique brought out every corner of Sita’s animation with chanciness. Her fictional image somewhere co-relates with middle class women of India and they perceive their real self in Sita’s identity.



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