From Economy to Ecology: Romantic Disillusionment


  • Palak Arora Ph.D Scholar, Christ University, Bangalore
  • Manshi Researcher Scholar, Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan


Keywords: French Revolution, romanticism, ecology, economy, conservatism


Distraught reality and disillusioned youth though the reality of war is always the same but misapprehension about it has time and again blurred the vision of generations. Be it the expeditions of Britain or the ‘French Revolution’ one staggering emotion has always held the youth bound to the glory attached to war i.e., liberation. Therefore, the romantic age poets namely Wordsworth, Coleridge, PB Shelley or Lord Byron though they never promoted violence and bloodshed of the war-front, still they could not escape from the dazzled glory of war. Owing to the ignition of the world, the current of romanticism found its roots in the very soil of nature, thereby came the primitive radical attitude. Edward Dowden, prominent Victorian critic, viewed ‘French Revolution’ as an expounding force that framed the ideology of romanticism and intertwines in the pretext of major works of the era. These romantic writers were stirred from the belittling attitude of government towards nature and citizens. Romanticism was slowly but steadily ushering on the frontier of liberty, equality and fraternity further strengthening the dilemma of war being fruitful for the common man. In this paper, we aim to actualize the reality of war being romanticized by poets to the extremity of squandering their own life in it.



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